Sustainability at Porto Seguro

We invested in social- and environmental-responsibility initiatives even before it dominated the discussion between corporations, governments, and society. Since 1998, our corporate strategy includes developing our target audiences, implementing initiatives that respect the environment and contribute to its protection, and tying these to a solid economic performance.

This year, during a lunch party with Jayme Brasil Garfinkel, our CEO, a group of employees indicated that they intended to create volunteering projects. This idea was fully supported by us and this group started holding meetings every fifteen days to put it into practice while attracting more people. In light of this movement, we redoubled our socially responsible efforts by opening, also in 1998, the Casa Campos Elíseos Melhor, an institution oriented towards education, professional training, job creation, and income improvement for the residents of the surrounding areas of Campos Elíseos, a São Paulo neighborhood where we are based.

In 1998, we consolidated our commitment with initiatives like this, which also included environmental protection, when we developed our 2012 Vision Statement, a prospective project that was created to guide our growth in the years to come. Over time, our social and environmental initiatives grew in number, encompassing and benefitting more people in several fields of activity.

The 2012 Vision Statement language was revised in 2010, but the idea of turning Porto Seguro into a benchmark for client satisfaction, growth, organizational climate, and social responsibility in the markets where we operate was still there. This goal grew within Porto Seguro when we created sustainability guidelines and we required direct reporting to the board of directors. These efforts show how strategic the search for business continuity through general growth is for us. In addition, when we revised our Mission Statement in 2011, we added a remarkable issue, social and environmental responsibility, to the language. It permeates all the services we deliver to our clients.


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